Boat Storage and Dockage


Welcome to Boston Harbor Shipyard & Marina LLC. We are pleased to have you and are committed to providing a setting that will make your time here relaxing and memorable. To ensure that experience, please review the following information and feel free to ask about any special circumstances you may have. Reasonable and practical precautions will be taken by the Marina to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. However, the Marina assumes no responsibility for, nor does it guarantee the safety of any boat or person in the Marina. The Marina will not be liable for any personal injury, nor will it in any event be responsible for property damage or loss resulting from ice, wind, storm, fire, theft, sinking, or any other causes.

1. DOCK ELECTRICITY AND WATER SERVICES: Shore power is available on all docks for use with marine approved 3-wire cord with Marina approved twist lock connections. Please note that any cord set exhibiting frayed or cracked insulation, or other hazardous condition, will be disconnected. Water hookups are available on all docks. To help us conserve water, please fit all water hoses with self-closing nozzles, and address all leaks at hose connections.

2. AUTOMOBILE PARKING FACILITIES: Parking is available for boat owners and their guests, in the Marina parking lots, while conducting marina business only. All vehicles must display a parking permit. One (1) parking permit per slip will be issued. Please do not park in such a way as to block fire lanes, handicap areas, entrances, exits, or Marina fuel tank filling areas. The Marina reserves the right to have vehicles, violating these rules, towed at the owner’s expense. The Marina will not be liable for damage incurred to a customer’s vehicle while parked in non-designated parking spaces.

3. FUEL: Diesel, gas & oil are available at the fuel dock during the posted hours of operation. The fuel dock is a No Smoking Area, and the posted rules on the fuel dock must be followed. Please note that refueling is prohibited in the berthing area.

4. REST ROOMS AND SHOWERS: Secured rest rooms and showers are available for boat owners and their guests. They are located next to the Marina Boater’s Lounge. Please see the Marina staff for appropriate entrance code.

5. LAUNDRY: A coin-operated & credit card (Shine Pay) laundry facility is available adjacent to the rest rooms.

6. MARINA SECURITY: The Marina employs a security service for general area supervision and fire watch. Please be aware that the security officers do not provide security for individual boats, nor can the security officers be expected to recognize individual boat owners and crews due to the number of boats and people on the premises.

7. REFUSE AND SEWAGE DISPOSAL: BHS&M’s trash compactor is located adjacent to building 22 and is available for use by Marina recreational customers for household-type garbage generated on board or in the yard. The Marina and surrounding waters is a “No Discharge Zone”. Pump out service for marine sanitation devices and dumping for portable heads is available free of charge at the pump out station located on the fuel dock.

8. OIL AND ANTIFREEZE DISPOSAL: Waste oil or anti-freeze must be in a closed container clearly labeled and handed to a Marina employee for proper disposal. The proper handling and disposal of all paint-related and service-related materials used on a vessel or taken off a vessel by the owner or a contractor is the responsibility of the vessel owner. No person shall discharge oil, hazardous materials, flammable liquids or oily bilge into the water, on the ground, or onto any other portion of the Marina.

9. BATTERY RECYCLING: Lead/acid batteries from boats on-site must be intact, and must be handed to a marina employee for proper disposal.

10. FISHING: For the safety of our customers, fishing on or around the docks and piers is not allowed. Cleaning of fish on the docks is also strictly prohibited. Two (2) fish cleaning stations are located on the pier for the purpose of cleaning fish.

11. WATER QUALITY: The Marina is first and foremost committed to maintaining a pleasant setting for you, your guests, and other boaters. To this end, we ask that you help minimize the impact on the marine environment by securing oil-absorbing pads in the bilge to collect leaks, maintaining your boat engine(s) at peak operating efficiency, cleaning up the bilge after servicing, and using the minimal amount of specialty soap for boat washing.

12. APPEARANCES: We recognize that the appearance of the boats in the Marina can enhance your experience. Your boat must be kept in such condition as to reflect favorably on the appearance standards maintained by the Marina. The boat deck needs to be kept free of debris, bottles, papers, trash, or unsightly materials at all times.

13. SAFETY OF CHILDREN: A responsible adult must accompany children aged 12 and under on the Marina premises at all times. It is strongly recommended that parents have young children and non-swimmers wear personal flotation devices on boats and around docks. The Marina has no recreational facilities for children. Parents are expected to know the whereabouts of their children at all times.

14. CONDUCT: We value the community atmosphere of the Marina, and we ask that you conduct yourself accordingly. Disorderly or indecorous conduct that infringes on the quiet enjoyment of other boat owners or which may injure a person, cause damage to property, or harm the reputation of the Marina, shall constitute grounds for immediate license cancellation and removal of the individual(s) or boat in question from the Marina.

15. NOISE: Please use mature judgment in operating engines, generators, radios, CD players, and televisions so as not to create a nuisance or disturbance. All engine exhausts shall be effectively muffled by a muffler or underwater exhaust as required by Massachusetts State Boating Laws, Chapter 90B, and Section 6. Halyards shall be secured so as to prevent slapping.

16. PETS: Pets must be leashed at all times, and controlled so that they do not disturb others. Pets may not be allowed to relieve themselves on the docks, walkways, or parking areas. Check with the Marina office on approved locations to toilet your pets. Petowners are responsible for removal of pet debris.

17. SOLICITING: To assure the privacy of others, advertising or soliciting is not permitted anywhere on Marina property.

18. FIRE SAFETY: The use of charcoal burners, hibachis, grills and any open flame producing equipment, other than installed galley stoves/grills is prohibited within the Marina premises. Massport Fire Rescue regulations prohibit grilling on the docks. Please use the designated barbecue areas on the main pier for all grilling. Unattended use of electrical equipment aboard a stored boat is prohibited. With the exception of handicapped vehicles, absolutely no parking is allowed on the pier during the summer season.

19. SWIMMING: Swimming is not permitted from the docks or from the boats docked at the Marina.

20. DOCK SAFETY & ACCESS: No supplies, materials, accessories or debris shall be left on the walkways, nor shall anyone install or construct any lockers, chests, or similar structures on the docks without prior permission from the Marina. The Marina office must approve all dock steps stored on the piers. Dock lines shall not be tied across walkways or fingers, nor shall bow pulpits or any overhang obstruct walkways.

21. DOCKING LINES & FENDERS: Boats in slips shall be secured with bow, stern and spring lines in a safe and secure manner and must have fenders attached to the boat; not the dock, to protect them from rubbing against the dock. The Marina strongly advises that dock line be made of nylon, not polypropylene. We also strongly advise the use of chafing gear lines. If a boat is improperly secured the Marina may, but is not obligated to, secure or retie the boat.

22. TENDERS AND SKIFFS: Tenders and skiffs (a second vessel 10’ or under) shall be stored on the boat. If onboard storage is not practical, tenders or skiffs may be stored alongside the boat with the approval of the Marina. Tenders and skiffs may not be placed on the docks or in slips without Marina approval.

23. BOAT MAINTENANCE ON THE WATER: Customers may work on their boats between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm. Prior approval of the Marina management is required to work on boats from 8:00pm to 8:00am. Work performed on boats at the slip will only be permitted if it does not: interfere with other boater’s peaceful enjoyment of their boat slip, create an unsightly or dangerous condition, create a condition that will discharge any pollutant into the water or onto the surrounding boats or docks. For more extensive repairs and maintenance, which includes but is not limited to power sanding, major painting or scraping, arrangements must be made with the Marina office to haul the boat.

24. CONTRACTOR/VENDOR SERVICES: Outside vendors or contractors are not permitted on the Marina premises without permission of the Marina management. Such contractors or vendors may obtain permission to work on boats in the Marina subject to certain conditions, regulations, and insurance requirements established by the Marina to protect the Marina and its customers. These terms, which include checking in and out with the Marina office on a daily basis, are available in the Marina office and should be consulted by Owner prior to scheduling such work. For the protection of our customers, all contractors must have a work order signed by the boat owner and have insurance in an amount equal to twice the value of the vessel being worked on, together with its contents, and liability insurance coverage no less than $1,000,000.00 before being allowed access to any boat within the Marina. Any outside contractor or vendor not complying with these conditions will be required to leave the premises immediately.

25. OPERATION OF BOAT: When at or in the vicinity of the Marina, please operate the boat with due care to avoid any injury to any person, damage to another boat, and or damage to the Marina facilities. The Marina and the surrounding waters are designated “No Wake” zones. By law, operators are responsible for injury and other damage caused by the wake of their boat to other boats, or to the structure or facilities of the Marina.

26. COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS: You need to comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, Nautical Rules of the Road, and other rules and regulations in the operation of your boat when in the vicinity of, or at the Marina including but not limited to those issued by the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S.E.P.A., Massachusetts D.E.P. and the Boston Harbor Master. You will be required to promptly reimburse the Marina should it incur any cost, penalties or legal expenses because of failure to comply with such laws, ordinances or regulations.

27. HEAVY WEATHER: You are solely responsible for your boat under all weather conditions, and shall take all appropriate emergency and/or precautionary measures. In the event of the forecast or the actual onset of severe weather, the Marina will attempt, if practical and possible, to provide general preparation and damage prevention services, the costs of which may be prorated over all boats. However, the Marina does not assume any responsibility for protection, nor does it guarantee it will be able to adequately provide general services to all boats in the Marina, including but not limited to removing any vessels from their slips to dry storage areas, due to the number of boats and limitations of the Marina staff.

28. FITNESS CENTER: It is understood that the Marina will not be liable for any personal injury that may occur while using the “Fitness Center” and it is also understood that a signed “Agreement & Release of liability must be on file in the marina office.

29. RIGHT TO RENT: The Marina reserves the right to rent a slip or mooring to transient guests when not occupied by the licensee. The Licensee agrees to notify the Dock Master when he expects to leave and return from a trip of 24 hour duration or longer so that the slip or mooring can be used for this purpose and to avoid any inconvenience to the Licensee upon his return.

30. DOCK BOX POLICY: Marina customers may install a dock box adjacent to their vessel, but must have prior approval of the marina office. Marina approval will be in the form of a dock box sticker that must be affixed to the approved dock box. Each customer will be limited to one dock box that shall be no larger than 26 cubic feet.

Revised 01/05/2023