THE LATEST FROM BOSTON Harbor Shipyard and Marina

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Sea Machines

Tenant Spotlight: Sea Machines

Technology and AI have taken to the water. Learn more about a local business making waves in marine navigation with their autonomous vessel technology and test fleet on the harbor.

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April 9, 2024

Red Top Boats

Tenant Spotlight: Red Top Boats

Ditch the traffic and take to the harbor. Red Top Boats is an easy and fun alternative to driving in Boston. Founder Tony Carli recounts how his retirement passion project turned into a blooming business.

Hail a (water) taxi

March 26, 2024

First Reef Sailing School

Tenant Spotlight: First Reef Sailing sChool

Start your sailing journey with First Reef Sailing School, located in Boston Harbor Shipyard and Marina. Hear from founders Forrest Hardy and Paul Sullivan about how they got their start and how First Reef was born.

Go Sailing

March 11, 2024