Boat Services

We are a full service facility where utmost attention is given to you, the customer. Whether you need fuel, maintenance... or just help with a line... we are ready, willing and waiting to serve you.

Yard Rates

15 ton Grove Crane

  • $300/hr with operator

  • $1,500/day with operator


  • $220/hr with operator

  • Operator mandatory

Travel Lift (50 Ton)

  • Haul, Block, Launch: $22.00/ft (20+ ton: $25.00/ft)

  • Haul, Blocks & Stands: $11.50/ft (20+ ton: $13.00/ft)

  • Launch from Blocks/Stands $11.50/ft (20+ ton: $13.00/ft)

  • Haul to Launch from Trailer: $12.00/ft

  • Haul for Survey & Launch: $13.00/ft (20+ ton: $18.00/ft)

  • Pressure Wash: $4.50/ft

  • Lay Days $2.00/ft per 24 hour period

  • Emergency Haul: $90.00 per foot

An environmental fee of 2.5% will be added to all invoices.

Boat Service Providers

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Boat Maintenance, Repair, Cleaning

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